Facts about AOL

Interesting Facts about AOL

Fact: In the 1990’s, over half of all CD’s in the world were from AOL.

Abstract: There are few companies that are known by absolutely everyone in the country. AOL is one of them. However, few people know about the facts behind AOL, its history, and its fate in today’s day and age. Get the facts about AOL, its distribution of CD’s, and expenditures in doing so. If interested, also get the facts about AOL Today and the company’s recent news – big news! Many consider AOL to be dead. This is far from the case. Many people still use AOL, even its Internet services. The company has, of course, ventured into new niches.

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Dial up!

Let’s think back to the times when we actually bought – and used – compact discs. If you remember the 90’s, you’ll surely remember AOL. Recall back the times when you had to “dial-up” for Internet, listening to that horrid sound and having your phone service be disconnected. Maybe you and your family members even fought for the chance to use the Internet or were forced to leave the net so someone could use the house phone. Well, here’s another surprising fact – more than 2 million users still use AOL dial-up today.

Back to the 90’s

Let’s take a trip to the past. You open up your mailbox and what do you see? Free AOL installation CD’s! You go to the store and what do you see? AOL installation CD’s! You see someone on the street, what are they handing out? You guessed it – AOL CD’s!

This was quite a marketing stunt for the company. But how much did it cost them? AOL spent over $300 million to create and distribute their subscription discs. Their aggressive strategy seemed costly, but it paid off. AOL’s subscription base rose from 200,000 to close to 25 million customers.

See what AOL is all about now. Many still use their services and their website, which appears to be kept in great shape and organized to be useful to anyone browsing the internet for news, entertainment, business, or various other topics.

 In 1998, a movie called You’ve Got Mail was released with great success. See the trailer here.

AOL Today

As of June of 2015, an acquisition of AOL by Verizon was announced and made official. The deal totaled $4.4 billion, a hefty sum. What exactly does this mean? Here are a few key points:

  • Verizon aims to expand from a phone carrier to a “global media technology company.”
  • Verizon is planning to introduce a new product – a video feature with live content, sports, and the such.
  • Verizon plans to take advantage of AOL’s “ad-tech” system, which tags, targets, and serves video commercials to phone customers.

Source: Fortune Magazine

At this point, you may be asking yourself – why is AOL worth $4.4 billion to Verizon? Wired magazine breaks it down in this article.

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