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Fact: The first Nike waffle sole was created with an actual waffle iron.

Abstract: Nike’s brought in more than $30 billion in revenue in 2015. It is no small venture, everyone knows the name. But do you know how it came to be, how the swoosh logo came into play? Or how a waffle iron was used to make a shoe? Find out the facts about Nike, and if you are interested in more facts about pop culture feel free to explore. You’ll never know what type of invention your exploration might bring you to. After all, Bill Bowerman sat at his breakfast table in 1971 and made shoes, after making waffles of course.

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Nike’s origins

Nike wasn’t always Nike. In fact, it was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. It wasn’t until 1971 that Nike became Nike. Nowadays, when someone hears “Nike” they immediately think of the sports company. Many don’t know where the name originated. In Greek mythology, Nike is known as the goddess of victory. Their “swoosh” logo was made to represent the wings of the goddess.

Side fact : The graphic designer that created the Nike logo, Caroline Davidson, received only $35 for the design in 1971.

The co-founders of Nike are Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Knight was a track athlete and Bowerman was his coach. In the beginning of their operations, When they started out, they were nowhere close to on their feet. In fact, they started out as a distributor for a show making company in Japan. Let us set the scene for you:

Bill and Phil have $1200 to start their operations. They use the money to place an order with the Japanese company they will be distributing shoes for. Phil sells shoes out of the trunk of his car at the University of Oregon.

Read more about it at the American Studies of the University of Virginia here.

Nike’s waffle iron success

Skipping forward just three years, an amazing success story emerges. Bowerman has a eureka moment while having breakfast with his wife. He decides to use a waffle iron to create a running shoe mold. The logic follows that Bill wanted to create a shoe sole that would provide track athletes like Phil Knight with traction as they ran. The Business Insider, the Atlantic, and numerous other sources have confirmed this to be true. That is why this stands as a fact about Nike. Not only did Bowerman give us something to be awed at, he gave us something to run with, and of course some food for thought. If you can invent a shoe sole at breakfast, what else could you think of throughout your day?

Bowerman in the Hall of Fame

Skipping forward to 2014, Bill Bowerman is induced into the inventors hall of fame. Nike has announced that his Waffle Trainer and other immeasurably successful inventions have given Nike both a name and a reputation. Read more about it from Nike here.

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