Facts about Ants

Interesting Facts about Ants

Fact: There are over 12,000 different species of ants, and they have no problem making their home in your house!

Abstract: Colonies of ants are never welcome guests in the house. Getting rid of ants is a hassle, but it is possible to do. The best way to go about it is to make sure they never come back. It’s vital to have the facts about ant infestation and how to prevent it. If you are already dealing with an ant problem, it’s important to know how to naturally exterminate them, without paying a fortune. Many methods of extermination are unsafe, especially if you have small children. Read up on the topic below and get all the resources necessary to keep unwelcome guests out of your home.

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Don’t feed the ants

Many times a frequent question arises – why don’t ants stay outside where they belong? The simplest answer is this – they want your food. As long as there is something for them to eat inside, ants will find a way in. Because they are so small, they can crawl through the open crevices connecting your home to the outdoors. You would not even know about these tiny spaces, but all the sudden your home may be infested with ants, and they do not travel alone.

Even though ants are competitive with one another and many times will fight to the death, they are also good at colonizing and working together to get hold of food – your food! When you see ants in the house, don’t assume they originated there. Ants usually have nests outside and carry food scraps back and forth to the nest. Queen ants reside in the nest and control the inflow and outflow of food, so it is the mission of the ant army to bring back as much from your kitchen as possible.

Want to know how an ant colony functions? Watch an interesting and short video by Deborah M. Gordon about a typical ant colony here.

Ants on a scale of harmless to deadly

Some ant species mean no harm to each other or other species. On the other hand, some species are exactly the opposite.

Side fact : The biggest ant in the world was recorded to be over 2 inches.

For our purposes, we will focus on ants in the house and how to eliminate them. After all, it is not pleasant to be surrounded by these creatures every time you sit down to have a meal. There are many methods of pest extermination, some of which we explore below.


A clean space is the best prevention for ant infestation. Follow these tips below and get the facts about ant prevention.

  • Cover food that is kept out of the fridge
  • Keep your trash bins further from the house
  • Do not keep trash in the house – take it out every night
  • Wash dishes after each meal
  • Don’t keep any scraps in the sink
  • Get rid of food bits that have fallen on the floor
  • Caulk and seal crevices between the outside and the house


Once ants are in the house, they do not come alone. Follow these tips below and get the facts about getting rid of ants in the house.

  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper in the openings you see ants crawling out of.
  • Spray water and white vinegar on the way that the ants are crawling in.
  • Clean the points of entry with detergent.
  • Use bait made for ants such as gels or traps.
  • Place adhesive tape around objects that ants are swarming.

There are many more ways of preventing and getting rid of ants in the house. Below are some more resources useful for those who wish to get rid of ants and keep them out of the house.

A Reader’s Digest article looks into household items that can help get rid of ants.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control provides videos and information about the topic here.

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln provides us with a great article about pest control.

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