Facts about Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies

Fact: Fruit flies reproduce at a rate faster than most insects and can infect the household in a matter of days.

Abstract: Fruit flies are never welcome guests in the home. It is beneficial to everyone to know where they come from, how they get into the house, and how to get them out! Don’t waste your time taking unnecessary precautions that wont work. Get the facts about fruit flies and keep your household clean and un-infested. Whether it be by making homemade traps or getting the professionals involved, only action taken by you will help get rid of fruit flies. Inaction will only lead to greater manifestation and before you know it your home will be swarming with these little pests.

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Rapid Multiplication

Many people wonder – where do fruit flies come from? In many cases, they seem to appear in mass amounts overnight. Suddenly, this nuisance is everywhere and you have no idea how to get rid of them. Let us first look into the first question – where do fruit flies come from?

Although your home may seem to be sealed tight so nothing unpleasant can enter, fruit flies are so tiny in size that they can even enter through screens in windows or the tiniest of little spaces around the house that connect to the outside. It only takes a couple to get in and they can multiply quicker than you believe. According to Orkin, fruit fly females can lay hundreds of eggs, which hatch in about 24 hours and immediate begin to dig into your fruits. Their life span is known to be just a short 8 days on average.

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Fruit flies are pests, not pets

These tiny little flies are not only annoying but also bothersome to many who keep food around the house. They enjoy infesting fruit and other edibles and have no mercy for humans around. They can even hang onto fruits and vegetables you buy in the store or pick from the outdoors. In this way you are unknowingly inviting them into your home.

Next, we shall look into some ways of preventing fruit fly infestation and getting rid of these pests. Taken from various sources listed at the bottom of our article (as always), we present you with ways of getting rid of fruit flies:

Homemade traps:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – trap fruit flies in a jar with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap. They will be attracted as ever and fall into the trap, bringing others with them – to drown.
  2. Ripe fruit trap – this trap also involves a jar with ripe or rotting fruit on the bottom. In this case the jar should be covered with plastic and holes poked throughout.
  3. Alcohol trap – a little known fact about fruit flies is that they like alcohol, preferably red wine. Leaving an almost-empty bottle of wine out will attract the little creatures inside and they will drown.
  4. Milk, pepper and sugar trap – this is perhaps one of the oldest recipes for trapping fruit flies, around from before the 1900’s. This involves combining milk, raw sugar, and black pepper and leaving the mixture out on the table. For an extra spice, you can add in some dish soap to make the mixture absolutely irresistible to your fruit fly guests.

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